Principal's Message


Diane Kammeyer

Welcome Parents and Guardians of Theodore Vick Elementary students: 

This week, January 7-11, we are back from break.  The weather is cold, please send coats with your students.  Remember the cafeteria opens at 7:50 am for breakfast.  There is not supervision out in front of the school until 8 am.

Teachers are finishing up report cards and they will be coming home with your students on Friday the 11th.  We have Saturday school from 8-15 this Saturday from 8-12.  A Tae Kwan Do studio will have a presentation duirng Saturday school from 10-10:30am.

Students who are being invited for math tutoring will get invitations sent home with students on Friday the 11th and tutoring will begin next week, two days a week either before or after school depending on the grade level.


Thank you,
Diane Kammeyer, Ed.D, Principal


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